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Breast Cancer Realities

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Welcome to Cancer Horizons Conversations with Mandy, where we have candid conversations about cancer – the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, and the things people want to know but may find it difficult to talk about.

Many of us know someone who has had cancer, or someone who has had a cancer scare. Not knowing what to say or what to do as a friend or family member offering support is a reality. For a cancer patient, not knowing what to ask for or where to turn to, is also a reality. Cancer Horizon’s ‘Conversations with Mandy’ aims to connect the dots to help everyone see things a little bit clearer. Understanding cancer patients’ thoughts and emotions, as well as getting a fresh perspective through another’s eyes, can be exactly what is needed.

Our guests and moderator will be discussing and sharing intimate experiences in an effort to provide hope and support for you or a loved one who may be facing the same endeavor. The idea is to spread encouragement and knowledge for others.

When taking a stand against cancer in an effort to support, many will ask, “how can I help?” For a patient, those words can seem overwhelming, and the reality is, many will not ask for help. “What can you do or will you do” is a better conversation when it comes to supporting someone with cancer.

In our Cancer Horizon’s web series we hope to tackle the realities of cancer. A diagnosis can change a life in a matter of seconds, and the things you wish you would have known, been told, or discussed are all part of the questions we want to help answer to provide more insight into this difficult moment in time. Whether you have questions about relationships, treatments, stress/depression, lifestyle changes, recovery questions, and more, we hope to provide perspective from someone who has already walked this path.


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