When you are a cancer patient, your world changes. The topic of your overall wellness comes to the forefront, and nurturing your immune health becomes priority. While undergoing treatments to fight cancer, your body can become compromised. With your skin being the largest organ of your body, bad germs start there. Skin health company, Avadim Technologies, understands the need for protection against harmful agents that may compromise your health or immune system in this crucial time.

Passionate about the skin and its role in our overall health, Avadim has created a product that supports optimal hygiene. The non-toxic spray, Theraworx, is easy to use and provides total cleansing without having to touch or wipe an area. In technical terms – the spray works to support the natural antimicrobial action of the skin’s acidic mantle, preserving the low pH of the stratum corneum, the outer lay of the epidermis (skin). Theraworx helps preserve the skin’s permeability barrier, allowing the skin to do its job in preventing water loss and avoiding dryness, all while being safe for use around mucous membranes, including the perineum.

That is a lot of medical lingo to take in, but what it means for cancer patients, the product can optimize hygiene anywhere on the body. It is safe for the skin and can help with dryness. Whether you are spraying Theraworx around your port or using it to cleanse your hands, face, or around a wound – it is protecting your delicate skin.

Theraworx started in hospitals, and is now available to the public. Avadim Technologies name means “to serve”, and why the company has chosen to partner with Cancer Horizons to donate product to its vast cancer community.

“To be able to help a patient in a very difficult time by supporting their immune health is why we do what we do,” expressed Steve Woody, CEO of Avadim Technologies.

About AVADIM Technologies

Avadim Technologies, Inc was formed in 2007, with a vision to change the way hospital acquired infections are controlled. Our desire is to improve standard health care practices with our safe & effective Theraworx® Technology by fighting unnecessary infections on a global level. The name Avadim means “to serve.” Our passion and goal is to serve the international community through Missionaries and other non-profit foundations for those that are underprivileged or disadvantaged, while striving to provide free product to those in need of a technology that cares for today’s emerging health issues™ technology by changing standard health care practices in fighting unnecessary infections. Learn more about how Avadim gives back here. Learn more about Avadim Technologies, Inc product line – Theraworx®.

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