sheliaMy name is Shelia, and I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in August of 2011. I waited until after the holidays, as I did not want people feeling sorry for me, and in January of 2012 I had my whole left breast removed. I had the wonderful support of my partner, my family & friends …I was never afraid, because I knew God was in my corner. I AM TRULY BLESSED TO BE A 5 YEAR SURVIVOR in January 2017. I have done the breast cancer race this year, for the second time. I have met some strong independent women, and I have lost some good friends as well, but the struggle goes on . I had the encouragement of my family and friends to mammograms done early and regularly. I don’t look for sympathy, I search for hope; HOPE, ONE DAY THEY WILL FIND A CURE FOR ALL FORMS OF CANCERS AND THEN EVERY STORY WILL BE A SUCCESSFUL ONE…….I AM A SURVIVOR!

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