dianeMy name is Diane, and I have both breast & Colon cancer, and my treatment involves going to chemo every 3 weeks for the rest of my life. But, each day God wakes me up, and gives me another day, so I am a winner. I would like to win this (fight with cancer) too, thank you.

It is really just very hard sometimes; knowing I may never get to ring that bell, that last day of chemo bell and hold up that Last Day of Chemo sign. It hurts to see all the others ring it, hold up that sign ; yes mama it does. I spend those long hours sitting in that old chemo chair, sometimes 6-7 hours at a stretch, and it can get to you. But, I close my eyes and I see my 3 kids – I see my 3 grandkids – and I say to myself I may have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me and so, I fight even harder.

diane-with-wingsI know God has a plan for me because he has brought me a long way since I was diagnosed with cancer. don’t believe he will stop now, so I can’t stop either. I will fight until my last breath in me is gone. It’s nice to have support from nice people like y’all (Cancer Horizons Facebook Family) because it is very heartbreaking most of the time. So, thank you for your support and all you do.

I know I may not get to ring that bell (my bell) here, but one day in heaven I will ring that bell for sure.

God bless you.

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