You have breast cancer. No one wants to hear those words, ever. But when you or someone you love is diagnosed with breast cancer, your world changes. Something about it will never be the same. When you hear the “c” word, your first instinct is to break down and…

Scientists in Denmark have discovered a Micro-RNA that can foresee the effect Oxalipatin will have on a patient with Colorectal Cancer. This discovery could allow for improving currently available treatments and could aid in creating new treatments.

According to research published in the International Journal of Hypothermia scientists have discovered that by heating the chemo drug Mitomycin-C before administering it to patients who were undergoing chemo to treat bladder cancer.

We love to get stories and great pics from our community- We can't always explain them but love to see your love of life and appreciation of absolutely every moment.

Southern female Firefighters created an amazing calendar to raise money for 16-year old Kyley with a rare form of cancer. Great cause involving some courageous women.