The loss of a pet is devastating no matter the circumstances, they are part of the family and letting go is hard. adults try to be tough but the kids show their grief in different ways. has some great ideas on how to heal.

Who says that a bucket list is only people! Mr. Molson (12-year old Golden Retriever) was diagnosed with terminal cancer and is making the most out of his remaining days, weeks? He even found his soul-mate and tied the knot. With a lot of help from owner Tim Griffin....

A Denver veterinarian looks into the increase in cancer rates for animals and attributes the rise in processed dog food sold commercially and branded with some of the top names.

Great advice and counsel from some top veterinarian clinics on the emotions, process, cost and reality of euthanasia or putting an animal down

Golden years for aging pets is something we all want for our pets that develop cancer, arthritis or our debilitating disease. Great article with tips to help them

Amazing story of the immediate connection between a young man fighting cancer and the immediate affection and care given by two adorable puppies

Amazing story of a Labrador mix trained to sniff out bladder, kidney and prostate cancer. With the natural ability of a dog to smell and some specialized training we have a great new way to find out we may have a problem

Gene therapy is not just for people- Pets can also benefit by the same technology. Great article dealing with success in debilitating disease in pets using new therapeutic approaches to genetic disease.