Cancer Horizons gives a HUGE SHOUT OUT to all of our amazing sponsors. It is because of these very special and giving companies that we exist. There are 1000’s of websites on the internet that raise money for cancer research and to provide support services to cancer patients. Cancer Horizons is one of the only sites on the net that never asks for donations from any member of our community. We choose instead to find creative ways to help this community of cancer patients, care givers and family members by giving them access to:

– Free Products and services for cancer patients

– Financial help exclusively for cancer patients

– Gift giving ideas and the perfect vendors to help

– A large directory of cancer related consumable products we distribute free to our members

– Information on all of the top forms of cancer and direct links to cancer advocacy and support groups

– Uplifting articles and advice from recognized cancer professionals

– State by State directory of cancer resources in all 50 states

– Inspiring stories of cancer survival and the courageous people involved

– Caregiver resources so they don’t feel so alone

All of these great services and the incredible schedule of resources in the planning stages, are provided because of these generous sponsors willing to help where it is needed most.

We are honored to serve a very large and growing population of cancer patients that we are continually amazed by. The love, support and unconditional help they offer to each other is inspiring. The world would be a better place if everyone could see it through the eyes of a cancer patient even for a moment. They love deeper, forgive faster, give thanks more often and love every moment because they don’t know what tomorrow holds.

Our heartfelt thanks to our generous sponsors and the cancer community we are all dedicated too.

Cancer Horizons Management