BREATHE – Take a minute or a few days to compose yourself and get your bearings. Go do something you love — an activity you can lose yourself in, and think on things a moment before reaction and making decisions. Yes, it is easier said than done, but give it a try.

EDUCATE – If you are reading this, then you have begun to educate yourself, and good on you. Find out as much as you can about your particular type of cancer. Read up on different types of treatment available. Before you walk into the arena, know the game.

TRUST YOURSELF – If it feels wrong, most times it is. Once you have a grasp on our cancer, hold on to yourself for a minute. Consider who you are, what your desires are for your loved ones, and make decisions based upon your life and your choices — not on fear.

IT’S OKAY TO LOSE IT – Because control is not constant and sometimes we blink and fall apart, laugh, cry, yell, hide away with Netflix and junk food, go on a long hike, or just have yourself a PJ & Duvet Day. Get the venom out, and pick yourself up by bra straps, boots straps, whatever and face what there is to face. Remember, you handle it or it handles you — ignoring cancer will not make it go away.

BREAKING THE NEWS – is not easy. Nor is it the same for everyone. Some people will turn to Facebook and just put it out there, while others keep their diagnosis between a small circle of friends and family. No matter how you do it, always do what is right for you.

LONE WOLF OR PACK ANIMAL – Which one are you? Whether you are surrounded by your family or if you have just a few close friends it is a good thing to have someone “take the weight” sometimes. Again, do what is right for you. But a friend to speak to can mean the world.

PLOT A COURSE & STAY ON IT – Rush into nothing. But think hard about your treatment plan, discuss it with your doctor, get a second opinion if you like, then make a decision. Think about how you want to organize your life, and put as much of that into place. Map, road, go.

SAME AS IT EVER WAS – If you can live your life that way, it could be a great asset to you. Yes, cancer will change things. But if cancer changes everything, then what are you left with? Keep control of your life. Keep the little things. Keep the big things. But don’t let cancer take control your life.

CUT EVERYONE SOME SLACK, INCLUDING YOURSELF – You cannot predict how others around you will react either immediately or over time. The same is true for yourself. Some days are just better than others. This will take time, and the hands of some clocks will ball up into fists occasionally, but time goes on.

THERE IS ONLY SOME MUCH YOU CAN CONTROL – and the rest of it you just gotta let it go and what will be will be. You can’t yell at the sky about the rain, but you can open an umbrella.

The unknown can be daunting, and for someone newly diagnosed with cancer, it is easy to be overwhelmed by that diagnosis. You find yourself alternately wondering what to do, how to tell loved ones… and none of that makes things easier for “you.”

This section of our site is a constant work in progress because no two people are the same and every set of circumstances is different. We want to lay out a few things to consider. Take what works for you and leave the rest.

And please, if anyone in our community can think of something we can add, let us know here.