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Cancer Horizons recognizes that each and every cancer journey is not only unique but intensely personal for anyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis on any level. We are 1,000% supportive of all research aimed at finding a cure for cancer, we are also acutely aware that as hopeful as that sounds the odds of a cure coming soon for breast cancer or lung cancer patient are not high.
So the quality of the care being received today becomes extremely important, most of which is going to be given either in your own town or hopefully a short distance f you live in a rural community. Our directory is available now in 18 major cities and we are working hard at building it to the point there is a local directory in all 50-states.
W have selected 12 services that a cancer patient will most likely need throughout their journey and have selected 3 top providers in each category. The selection process involved a review of their website and in particular, the number and rating of the reviews they have received from customers, patients, and vendors. WE DON’T ENDORSE OR VERIFY ANY OF THEM as our review of each is minimal.

These are the local cancer specialists in each city:

Cancer Treatment Centers or Hospitals – These hospitals in each market are critical for the care of our community with caring nurses and doctors that are the best at what they do and can be compassionate and patient with a cancer patient that is frightened and unsure.

Oncology Doctors – The medical team a cancer patient is relied on for much more than just professional services as the journey is hard and filled with uncertainly. We hope each of our oncology doctor recommendations is overly caring for the patients they are privileged to treat.

Plastic Surgeons – All though each offers a variety of surgical procedures we are mostly interested in their breast reconstruction services for all of our breast cancer patients.

Hospice / Home Health – Everyone would prefer to be at home instead of the hospital so the services of a trained nurse can be invaluable in helping a family navigate the recovery or care of their loved one.

Legal Help – Cancer patients are on the road a lot going to and from appointments and unfortunately have the same accidents and life-related issues as everyone else so these professionals have been included

Disability Help – Cancer patients are usually hard-working but there comes a time that they may no longer be able to continue working and need to file for disability benefits. These legal professionals and specialists will help navigate the process to get a cancer patient approved and receiving checks as soon as possible.

Medical Equipment – When a patient comes home to convalesce there are safety and accessibility issues that need to be addressed. These medical equipment providers are experts in consulting and making sure you have just the right equipment to make the transition home a smooth one.

Counseling Services – A cancer journey is hard on the patient and certainly their families. From grief counseling, addiction-related issues, marital counseling, helping kids through their own feelings and so much more. These mental health professionals can be invaluable to help a family get through a tough time.

Wigs & Head Covers – For any cancer patient that has been through chemotherapy or radiation therapy the loss of hair is a major issue and often time psychologically scarring. We have top salons with specialists that can assist in selecting just the right wig or head cover and to restore self-esteem and confidence.

Prescription Medications – A trusted pharmacist can help bridge the gap between what the doctor said that may or may not have been heard correctly to helping you understand what the drug is, what it does, and any side effects that you may experience.

Hearing Aids / Audiologists – A side-effect that most fail to talk about is the reality of hearing loss during treatment. We have included hearing specialists that can assist in helping you overcome whatever damage was done during your treatment.

Home Cleaning Services – Our over 100,000 community members say that someone to clean their home is the most sought after the service they could ask for. They are embarrassed to ask a neighbor, don’t want to further burden family, and unable to clean themselves physically so a professional cleaner that comes in is not a luxury its a necessity.

If you are a local cancer specialists in any of the above categories and would like to be considered just let us know.