I remember pulling out the big tin of crayons from the cabinet when I was kid. I absolutely loved to color. I loved the smell of the crayons as I pulled out my favorite colors, and I loved flipping through a coloring book until I found just the right page to start on. I could sit and color for hours.

I was recently out to lunch with my 9-year-old daughter. As we sat and waited for our meal, we colored the kid’s menu together and chatted about our day. It reminded me that we are never too old to color. It’s simply not something we outgrow.

At Care Center Gifts, we strive to offer a collection of products for our customers that are both useful and beneficial for our recipients. Through our product research, we have found that coloring offers health benefits to patients and can be a nonverbal way of processing difficult feelings.

When patients pick up a colored pencil or crayon, they can find themselves distracted from their current reality. While bringing patients into a more relaxed emotional state, coloring gives them a sense of accomplishment and can be a solution to boredom, whether recovering at home or spending hours at treatment. And, most importantly, it can evoke happier and easier times in their lives, and remind them of childhood.

As a caregiver, friend or loved one, we are often lost with how we can express our support. If you are planning to spend long hours at treatments or at home with a patient, consider pulling out the coloring books, old and new, and bringing them along with you. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will both find yourself more relaxed and lost in the colors on the page.

No matter, if you are facing a cancer diagnosis or dealing with a stressful time in your life, pulling out the tin of crayons, may be just what the doctor ordered.

We appreciate the resources and great information that Cancer Horizons shares with its community. As a result, we are currently offering an exclusive care package for this community. This package includes our signature items for adult coloring along some of our most popular products.

Cancer Horizons Exclusive Care Package

When times are scary, stressful and unknown, give your loved one a gift that will be relaxing and calming. And, maybe just for a short time, it will serve as a distraction from reality. This exclusive package includes:  Check It Out!

  1. Color Me Calm, an adult coloring book, along with colored pencils, packaged in a red tin
  2. “You Got This” journal and “Courage” pen to capture thoughts during quiet times of the day
  3. Hand-poured “Group Hug” candle from 5B & Co. Candlemakers
  4. “Be Brave” mug and calming tea
  5. All packed in a reusable galvanized tub

To receive 15 percent off your complete order with us, please use promo code – CH15. Discount available until Aug. 31, 2017.

By Sarah Brewster
Partner, Care Center Gifts


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