Free ride to medical appointments has been an issue that has weighed heavy on Cancer Horizons for the past year. Many in our community simply don’t have a large circle of support that can transport them to and from doctors’ appointments, chemotherapy, radiation, therapy and routine office visits. Well, finally we have a potential solution that not only makes sense for the patient but also makes good business sense for the medical community.

PROBLEM – Missed appointments cost the medical industry millions of dollars every year. It is estimated that over 3.6 million people miss an appointment with their medical provider, doctor, oncologist or hospital each year simply because they simply did not have a ride to get there. The majority of these missed appointments came within an hour of the scheduled appointment. This industry-wide problem is estimated to impact close to 30% of all scheduled appointments classified as “No Shows” and cost significant dollars in lost opportunity and staff coordination.

SOLUTION – Welcome to Uber Health, a new service provided by Uber in partnership with hospitals, clinics, rehab centers, senior care facilities, home care centers, physical therapy centers and the list is growing fast. It is simple:

  • The doctor or clinic signs up for the Uber Health program and receive training on how to easily manage the transport of their patients.
  • The office coordinator can schedule rides for their patients up to 30-days in advance or within even a few hours if a patient’s ride falls through and they can’t get to the appointment.
  • Uber uses text messaging to coordinate the pickup with the patient and picks them up and drops them off right at their home, apartment, condo, or wherever they happen to be following their appointment.
  • ITS FREE to the patient- the doctor’s office pays for the ride so it is absolutely FREE to the patient since the cost of them not being to the appointment is far greater than the cost associated with the “No Show”.

OVER 100 HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATIONS HAVE ALREADY SIGNED UP – Congratulations to these organizations for being some of the first ones to embrace this tremendous opportunity on behalf of their valued patients – MedStar Health, LifeBridge Health, Renown Health, NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center, Proactive Work Health Services, Adams Clinical Blood Centers, Georgetown Home Care, Thundermist Health Center, Yale New Haven Health, and more

BENEFITS TO CANCER HORIZONS COMMUNITY – Getting to and from regularly scheduled doctors appointments has always been a challenge for us. Many just don’t have the support system to help get them to and from safely. Rides cancel at the last minute, family is not available during the day with work schedules to take you, cars break down and sometimes one is just not available to use.

OUR THANKS TO UBER AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS – We sincerely thank Uber for recognizing a tremendous need and for the medical community to recognize it is “GOOD BUSINESS” to care for your most loyal following in this very personal and needed way. Just removing this one worry from so many is worth every penny spent.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – More information can be found at the Uber Health website

INFORMATIVE ARTICLE INTRODUCING THE SERVICE – Chris Weber the General Manager for Uber Health wrote a terrific introductory welcome and explanation article titled “Introducing Uber health, Removing Transportation as a barrier to care” (

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