Support loved ones by showing up, by listening, by sending gift certificates or gift baskets that help take their mind off the disease. Asking how to help is not enough.

It doesn't matter who you are but the cancer patient that has that special someone they can always call who will understand, not judge, not criticize and just support is the perfect "Champion"

A cancer diagnosis brings out cheerleaders all trying to pour positive thoughts all over you. Sometimes that is not what's needed.

Empowering article on taking charge of your own cancer care. If you are not 100% confident in your cancer care, doctors, hospitals or prescriptions then it's your responsibility to take charge

I survived and my friend did not, WHY? I don't feel as sick as some of the other people I see, WHY? Great article looking deep into the real emotions that come from surviving cancer

Very tender look at a cancer diagnosis given to a friend. How do you feel? what do you do? how can you help? What do you say? Great article from the perspective of a "TRUE FRIEND"

What not to say to cancer patients! Amy hung up the phone, and looked at her husband. “You know, if I had a penny for every time someone told me that I was too young to have cancer or God will see you through this or…

Interesting chart and article on the growth of non-medical administration personnel compared to the actual number of physicians doing the work. An interesting graphic which certainly details a problem

I remember pulling out the big tin of crayons from the cabinet when I was kid. I absolutely loved to color. I loved the smell of the crayons as I pulled out my favorite colors, and I loved flipping through a coloring book until I found…

Hemp oil has been used for 1000's of years for a variety of medicinal purposes. The stigma associated between Hemp and cannabis is slowly being removed as hemp is available for purchase anywhere in the country without restriction and even at Amazon.