CBD and Cancer

CBD and Cancer: What You Need to Know

What CBD is and can do for cancer patients and what it is not which a cure for cancer. This clinical report will help you decide if its a possible solution to manage chemo side effects

Chemotherapy and Hearing loss

Chemotherapy and Hearing Loss - The diagnosis of cancer for every patient is a life-changing event.  Many times, the patient’s world is changed in a
Simpler Cancer Screenings

Simpler Cancer Screenings

There are a few companies out there that are working on much simpler screenings?  What if a simple blood test could screen for colorectal cancer?  What if a simple blood test could screen for ALL cancers? Read on-

A Possible Cancer Cure?

A Possible Cancer Cure?

British team of scientists stumble onto a possible cure for all cancers. Before you say “ya right” read the article and the impressive number of scientists that agree

Stirring the Pot?

Medical Marijuana & CBD Oil is indeed the elephant in the room that many have not wanted to recognize, well times are changing…!