Free Transportation

Free Transportation and help getting to and from medical appointments is not something you hear very often. Whether you have Brain Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer or any other type and severity. The reality of treatment is that the needed facilities are rarely convenient and close. This requires that a patient and usually a loved one plan in advance, schedule work off and then pay the price to get to and from and often times requiring a hotel stay along the way.

Cancer Horizons is in the process of creating one of the most comprehensive and thorough directories of travel related resources exclusively for cancer patients on the internet. The fantastic organizations not only provide these resources for free but some also provide gas allowances as well as lodging. Take a look at this extensive of Cancer Patient Free Travel Resources with our hope one of them will help to solve a problem that has given you too many sleepless nights.

These providers including a major commercial airlines can arrange free transportation if a medical facility is a long distance away or arrange for a ride to and from a doctor’s appointment for the with-in city boundaries ride. Please let us know of your experience with any of these providers so we can ensure that we are only featuring the best of the best and those that have sincere interest in helping cancer patients.

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