Wigs for cancer patients in all colors, styles, type of hair and real or synthetic, our providers are experts in ensuring you look your absolute best, whether you are male or female, feeling good about yourself and the way you look is IMPORTANT. Those that say cancer doesn’t take its toll on self-esteem are nuts. Because of how important this is the Cancer Horizons research teams have spent hours finding just the right providers, willing to make special arrangements for cancer patients. This large list of providers will grow weekly so keep checking back and tell a friend.

Some of the great offerings you will find are Free Wigs, Day spa escapes called Diva for a day, Free makeup kits, Chemoaccessories including jewelry, scarves and turbans, free sunscreen soap. We are thrilled at the caliber of offerings and rely on each of you to make sure you let us know about your experience with any of these provider, good or bad we want to know so we can remove any offer that’s not what it seems.

Providing free things to our large and growing community is just the first step. We are negotiating with large manufactures of cancer related consumer goods to give these products to our community for free also.

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