Free Lodging

Free Lodging if you are a cancer fighter and your journey to become cancer free requires overnight travel and a place to stay. This directory of free or discounted lodging resources for cancer patients and their families may just be the best solution available. From national hotel chains to bed and breakfast and private facilities, all have the same goal in mind which is to provide the shelter that a family needs while a loved one is undergoing a surgical procedure, in therapy, getting chemotherapy or radiation treatments or visiting a specialist in a location far from home.

The Cancer Horizons research teams have spent hours looking for qualified organizations to provide Free Lodging for cancer patients and their families. We invite you to browse these great providers and let us know about your experience with any of them. If they are great we want to tell others, if they are not so great then we may want to remove them. Thanks in advance for your help in ensuring only the best find their way to cancer patients filled with hope.

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