Cancer Freebies

Cancer Freebies come in many shapes, sizes and types. In case this image didn’t already give away the nature of these offerings, yes you guessed it we have a great national group that will provide home cleaning services for free for cancer patients. An amazing group of businesses ready willing and able to give to a community that is so deserving of a little help once in a while. Besides free cleaning services we have vendors providing Gift cards, help with filing taxes and accounting issues, legal assistance for lung cancer patients dealing with mesothelioma, help for young adults with cancer, no cost medical travel and housing, emergency help and workshops and education opportunities.

There is so much here for a cancer patient, take your time and explore the various offerings. We are hopeful that you may find 1 or 2 or even a few of them that are perfect for you and you have been wishing that help would arrive on some level. Check these companies out and let us know about your experience. We always want to promote the best and remove the ones that don’t measure up.

Let’s face it with the incredible financial burden that any cancer diagnosis can be its great to see so many companies that truly want to help by giving their products and services away. These are true champions and we appreciate all that they are doing for our Cancer Horizons community.

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