FREE Camps and Retreats

Free camps and retreats for cancer patients and their families. If you have cancer then you already know that the fight to stay alive takes its toll on not only you but everyone around you. Cancer Horizons research teams have engaged extensive searching techniques to find camps and retreats that are exclusively for cancer patients. Whether you are a child needing an out of doors experience in a controlled setting or an adult desperately needing an escape to be with people that know exactly how you feel, because they are cancer patients as well.

Browse our extensive list of camps and retreats that a cancer patient can take advantage of. From a special night at a New York Yankees baseball game with Kids Need More or go exploring on a nature camp designed for kids with cancer. Or even a pampering session at a local spa that know what it means to feel good about yourself and appearance. We applaud these amazing providers and thank them in advance for caring for our very special community of cancer fighters and caregivers. This large and growing community is all about unconditional support for each other and a willingness to share the most intimate details of their illness if will help someone else.

Please let us know of your experience with any of these and we would love to create a documentary of your experience and the story behind it.

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