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Cancer Horizons spends all of our time trying to find resources online that will benefit our Community in meaningful ways. Cancer Patients and their Caregivers have given ALL to fight this terrible disease. It is nice to know that there are 100’s of websites that offer special discounts to cancer patients and in most cases FREE stuff for patients. These amazing companies sacrifice much to offer cancer patients products like wigs, scarves and cosmetics, Services like free transportation, legal help and lodging, Help with costs associated with prescription medications and even fantastic retreats, camps and get-aways for cancer patients needing time away with people that have a lot in common with them.

Some of our “Free Stuff” providers are large and this is a great service among their other offerings, some of our providers are small and they have personally had a firsthand look at cancer and desperately wanted to find a way to help others. This process of wanting to give to other patients experiencing what they have, is genuine and heartfelt. They provide their offerings usually with a great financial sacrifice on their part.