Cancer Horizons Cancer Horizons is pleased to announce our second of many product giveaways, exclusively to our cancer community. Our focus is completely on the millions of people that are currently battling cancer in any of its hideous forms. Besides providing the largest directory on the internet of Free Products and Services for cancer patients, we also have a large section devoted exclusively to Financial Resources for cancer patients on our website. It has always been our goal to help cancer patients by providing them consumable products that they use and need daily. We hope that by getting these products into their hands it will lessen the financial burden cancer has on them even just a little. Limit of 2-bottles per household with other products coming.

Theraworx® pH and Hygiene Management Spray

$9.49 FREE for Cancer Horizons Community

The Theraworx® pH and Hygiene Management spray are unique in allowing patients or residents to experience the total cleansing of problem areas without the risk of touching and contaminating the area of concern. With our nurturing surfactants and unique skin healthy formulation, the cleansing spray can be a great asset in the fight to keep at-risk areas clean.

  • At-risk skin
  • Cleansing around wounds
  • Minor Burns
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About Avadim Technologies/Theraworx

Based in Asheville NC, Avadim Technologies, Inc. is the Bionome Life Science company. Avadim’s patented platform technology drives the company’s development and marketing of topical, low pH, microbiome-compliant formulations which address multiple applications in both clinical patient care and consumer health. Our innovative approaches to neuromuscular health and performance, and to multiple skin-related patient care challenges, are safe, non-centrally acting, and cost-effective, and are changing markets and improving lives.

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