Young Cancer Patient Resources

Young Adult HELP – Typically the 18-40 year old group is the most under insured and therefore the most at risk if a cancer diagnosis is confirmed. Fortunately there are some extraordinary organizations that focus exclusively on this under-insured group of young people. With so much of life ahead of you these organizations provide invaluable resources in many creative ways.

If you or a loved one fits into this age bracket then the company listings in this directory are ideal for you. They provide everything from cash awards in the form of $500 grants to help with medications or rent, help with single parents that need help with daycare or travel, help with college and educational expenses and even counseling and career guidance.

Their interest in you is sincere and desire to help likewise. Take a look at this long list which we are adding to regularly and see if there isn’t one of these great organizations that could be a great fit for you. If you have had experience with any other vendors serving this young adult market please let us know and we would love to add them. Contact us

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* Cancer Horizons has created this list extensive of vendors and resources from what are believed to be reliable sources, including referrals from the CH community, Internet and direct submission requests. Cancer Horizons neither endorses nor takes responsibility for any interaction between our site user and the service provider. Any experience with any of these providers good or bad is the exclusive responsibility of the user.

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