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Prescription Medication Assistance – With costs of medications spiraling out of control and insurance companies placing restrictions on what is or is not approved. It is not unusual that buying the prescribed medications your doctor has ordered for you can wipe out any carefully planned budget.

Fortunately there are some compassionate and caring companies that understand exactly how you are feeling and the burden that the purchase of your life saving medications has on your pocket book. They range from well-funded foundations to medicine co-pay programs and even some sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, who are doing their best to contain costs but also want to help those that are struggling to acquire the medications that could extend life as well as making it much more manageable along the way.

We are adding new resources to help with the cost of prescription medication regularly and appreciate all of the referrals from our current community of the sites that have made all the difference for them. If you have experience with one not listed here please let us know and we will include them.

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* Cancer Horizons has created this list extensive of vendors and resources from what are believed to be reliable sources, including referrals from the CH community, Internet and direct submission requests. Cancer Horizons neither endorses nor takes responsibility for any interaction between our site user and the service provider. Any experience with any of these providers good or bad is the exclusive responsibility of the user.

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