Young Cancer Patient Resources

A suffering child is every parent’s absolute worst nightmare, especially when an immediate solution is not available and an illness drags on and on. Not only is this debilitating to any family but it is incredibly expensive. For this reason we have compiled a list of knowledgeable and compassionate organizations that are prepared and ready to assist any family that have a little one fighting cancer in any of its heinous forms.

The organizations featured each provide either resources nationally or are state specific, each understand the pain and stress associated with a sick child and have some unique offerings to relieve the financial and emotional stress on families.

From transportation, to lodging to counseling and crisis funds they are welcome resources to all families that are embracing young children and trying to explain why they feel the way they do. Much love to each and every family doing whatever it takes to keep a child alive and continue to have hope in their future. Contact us

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* Cancer Horizons has created this list extensive of vendors and resources from what are believed to be reliable sources, including referrals from the CH community, Internet and direct submission requests. Cancer Horizons neither endorses nor takes responsibility for any interaction between our site user and the service provider. Any experience with any of these providers good or bad is the exclusive responsibility of the user.

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