Life Insurance Loans Today

Doctors’ bills, hospital stays, prescription meds, home expenses, food, utilities, auto expenses, college expenses blowing up your finances? If you have cancer then this is a reality. The pressure placed on families financially is almost unbearable. We have worked hard to find financial resources throughout the internet of reputable organizations.

One overlooked resource that many have is the face value of a Life Insurance Policy that provides a death benefit to your family when you are gone. Unfortunately if you are losing everything today, waiting for your family to access your death benefit may be funding that just comes too late. Under certain conditions there are ways for you to tap into that death benefit to help right now with expenses that are running away with you. if you are in danger of being foreclosed on, if your only transportation is being repossessed, If kids are having to drop out of college or you are not able to keep the lights on, perhaps this option is one that would make sense.

We have featured a few of the top companies providing this invaluable “Living benefit” to 1000’s of people struggling today to make ends meet. Some are even at risk of losing their whole or term life policies because they can’t afford the premium. Well then check out these companies and let them help you understand if this is a wise course to follow at this time.

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* Cancer Horizons has created this list extensive of vendors and resources from what are believed to be reliable sources, including referrals from the CH community, Internet and direct submission requests. Cancer Horizons neither endorses nor takes responsibility for any interaction between our site user and the service provider. Any experience with any of these providers good or bad is the exclusive responsibility of the user.

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