Cancer Patient Funding

Cancer patient Funding because everyone Needs a Hand-Up Once In a While!

If Cancer has impacted you and your family in anyway, this directory of associations and foundations that provide financial assistance to cancer patients should be a great relief. Whether you need Breast Cancer Financial Assistance, Lung Cancer Funding Sources, Brain Tumor Funding, Pancreatic Cancer Resources, Skin Cancer Funding help or really any type of cancer. We have created a large directory of amazing organizations that understand your situation and with understanding and compassion are willing to help.

If you need help with paying for expensive medicines, helping with insurance co-pays, counseling for you or the family, help paying for prosthetic or relieving the financial crisis that often times a cancer diagnosis can put a family into. Browse these great resources and let us know of your experience with any of them, if you have had success with any other potential financial help resources, please let us know. (Contact us)

Cancer Horizons has become the premier resource on the internet for valuable resources that can improve your day to day life and hopefully give some glimmer of hope knowing there are so many great organizations ready, willing and able to make your load just a bit lighter.

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* Cancer Horizons has created this list extensive of vendors and resources from what are believed to be reliable sources, including referrals from the CH community, Internet and direct submission requests. Cancer Horizons neither endorses nor takes responsibility for any interaction between our site user and the service provider. Any experience with any of these providers good or bad is the exclusive responsibility of the user.

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