Financial Help for cancer patients and for their caregivers seems to be a never-ending problem for many. Unfortunately, anyone that receives a cancer diagnosis that is uninsured or underinsured is bound to face financial difficulty because of their illness. Cancer Horizons has worked hard to research the internet to find organizations or associations that are set-up to help those in our cancer support community in need. Let’s face it everyone needs a hand-up once in a while which is why we have created the Largest Directory online for Cancer Financial Help.

We have organized these listings by category to make it easier to find just the right match for your specific needs. Some of these categories are Pediatric Cancer Help which is a tremendous resource for parents struggling with the financial and emotional burden of a sick child, Caregiver Assistance which is exclusively designed to provide support to the person that has sacrificed much to help a loved one, Mortgage, Rent & Utility Assistance if for emergency needs and trying hard to keep a cancer patient in their home or apartment, Prescription medications are expensive and some go without because of the cost, this section deals with resources available to help bridge the gap to get the cancer patient the life-saving meds they need, others include Young Adult help, travel and Lodging Assistance and even Life Insurance funding which is a program available to unlock a death benefit to take care of immediate needs of the family.

Cancer Horizons has tried to include as many reputable organizations providing financial assistance to cancer patients and caregivers as possible. We are always interested in new additions if anyone in our community has had experience with an organization providing these financial resources let us know and we will contact them to be included.

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