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Let’s face it Cancer is not only the worst disease known to man, but it is an incredibly expensive proposition as well. Fortunately there are lots of resources from some caring and experienced organizations to help. These organizations range from financial assistance to pay rent, cover your mortgage or keeping the lights on to help getting to and from doctors’ appointments all the way to assisting with help covering college expenses.

We have compiled one of the largest financial directories for cancer patients on the net. Providing help with daily living expenses, prescription medication relief, lodging and travel, pediatric and young adult finances, crowdfunding resources, help to caregivers of cancer patients with additional resources being added weekly.

Cancer Horizons has tried to include as many reputable organizations providing financial assistance to cancer patients and caregivers as possible. We are always interested in new additions if anyone in our community has had experience with a great company providing these financial resources let us know (Contact us)

We invite you to browse the hundreds of possible resources available and best of luck finding the financial resources you need to care for yourself and your family.