How This Texas Cancer Support Community Is Nurturing The Unwanted Cancer Normal

Cancer is life-changing. Whether you are diagnosed or are a friend, neighbor, or family member, cancer has social and emotional impacts that are often hard to comprehend. No longer is normal, normal. Things change. Someone loses their hair, there are tears, and a lot of pain – physically and emotionally. Going through or standing next to someone who is going through cancer is not easy. Filling a void in the needs of patients, friends, family members, and more, Cancer Support Community North Texas is more than a resource, it is a place to feel human again. “Cancer just doesn’t happen to the patient, it happens to families,” expressed Program Director Nicole Huff.

Suppressing emotions can be very damaging long term. With cancer, immediate focus shifts towards the cancer patient, and everyone around is in flight or fight mode, adapting to their “new” normal. Life changes dramatically for families and friends. While everyone is attempting to adjust and make the most of it, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to go to converse with someone who gets it. Someone who understands the changes, the hardships, the fears, and the trials?

Offering three clubhouse locations, Cancer Support Community North Texas is connecting anyone impacted by cancer with the tools needed to help them through it. Not only are there support groups and networking groups, the communities offer weeklong, half day kids camps that nurture the change in their daily lives with exercise, expressive arts, cooking classes, gardening, and more. By providing a place for kids to interact with others that are experiencing this change, they are able to relate on a level that they may not get with their traditional friends or peers.

Cancer can crush hope. With structured support groups, tools, and activities to mentor through the many faces of cancer, this Texas non-profit is embracing the well-being of those affected by this terrible disease, free of charge. All groups, camps, and activities are 100% no cost to members. Support groups are facilitated by therapists who are qualified and educated (minimum Master’s degree) to do this work. From bereavement support to newly diagnosed, there is a group for everyone. All services are FREE thanks to donations and support from so many businesses and individuals. This is a group that know how to have fun and heal not only body but mind as well. Just look at a small sample of some recent events.

In addition to camps and support groups, they offer health and wellness classes with certified instructors in yoga, meditation, zumba and more. Once a month members are encouraged to attend Noogieland Super Saturday, a day filled with games and activities to take families and kids away from the stress of cancer, by bringing joy to their faces and spirits. “Our goal was to create a community where people felt like they were at home, not in a hospital setting. Our community clubhouse is designed to be a sanctuary for people to go and get the healing they need,” stated Nicole.

With unique programs dedicated towards teens, children, adults, and more, there is truly something for everyone affected by cancer. An impressive resource for those living in North Texas, Cancer Support Community serves Dallas, Plano, and North Texas.

Texas Health Resources University
8196 Walnut Hill Lane, LL10
Dallas, TX 75231

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital
6300 W. Parker Rd. MOB 2, Suite 129A
Plano, TX 75093

Texas Health Harris Methodist
Hospital Alliance
10840 Texas Health Trail, Suite 120
Fort Worth, TX 76244

For more information on activities, support groups, and more, visit

Cancer Horizons supports any organization that changes the lives of cancer patients. We LOVE what Cancer Support Community North Texas is doing for their communities.

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