Since I was a young child, I have loved flying in airplanes. Breathing new life into writing and my own personal cancer story, surfing the clouds fills my soul with a ray of sunshine. When I discovered Angel Flight West, it made me smile that angel wings do exist in the clouds, and that the heaven euphoria I feel during my flights is being passed on to those in need.

Having operated for over 30 years, Angel Flight West is an organization transporting those in urgent medical need from point A to point B when there are no other options. Here at Cancer Horizons, we felt compelled to honor and thank the pilots donating their time and resources to make sure cancer patients can get the vital help they need.

Offering a private airlift for someone in need is what drives these beautiful humans to use their wings, lighting a smile to an otherwise frowning situation.

Having cried both tears of joy and sorrow, the organization has touched the hearts of many, including 7 year old, Oliver- or Olly. Mr. Olly had already checked cancer off the list of “been there done that,” until his very rare cancer of his immune system came back. After three chemo therapy treatments had failed, his doctors needed a more radical approach at Rady Children’s Hospital. The idea was great in conversation, yet seemed impossible.

For three months Olly and his mom had been traveling by train for the chemo, and now Olly was in desperate need and his health was at risk. Olly’s dad works multiple jobs, and Olly has four older siblings. How could they make the 330 mile trip, pay the bills, feed the family, and not compromise his immune system?

That is where Angel Flight West stepped in, getting Olly to his appointments without any further stress financially, physically, and emotionally.

Olly is only one of many heart-touching stories at Angel Flight West. Logging over 4,000 flights a year, the organization is filling needs of patients in California, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and more. There are thousands who have been helped in ways never thought possible.

Angel Flight West operates on donations and team members willing to go the extra mile. Pilots are touched by the stories and eagerly await health updates when they can’t make the return or future trips. The situation is not only life inspiring for the pilot, it fills a patient with an experience they will never forget. I don’t know the story behind the organizations name, but it sounds as though they were guided by the heavenly clouds to prove that angels do exist on this earth.

CloudSurfing and sharing your angel wings is a story worth sharing. Have you been touched by Angel Flight West? We would love to hear your story – click here to share it on Cancer Horizons.

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