Vernon goes Wednesday for a Double CT CHEST SCAN to see if the radiation SHRUNK his Tumor any, since the Double Chemotherapy QUIT WORKING after 4 of the 6 Double Cycles & Grew Back BIGGER than the orginal size it was and is now pressing against his Bronchial Tube in his Lung !

Vernon has undergone BRAIN surgery, to remove a 2.5 cm Tumor from which the Lung it had come from, 6 cycles of double chemotherapy and 20 sessions of radiation ( which the last 6 were doubled ), chest scans, mri’s on his brain, pet scans of the entire body & countless blood tests with more to follow !

In the picture is Logan James, who is Kissing his Papa Peanut’s Head after his Brain Surgery last year ! Logan loves his Papa……..

PLEASE, can you find it in your Heart & Help Donate to our Fund so Vernon can have more time with his Little Peanut ! Thank You Everyone & MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL !

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