Frank, Shelly, Ryan, and Dereck are a wonderful family. They are heavily involved in their community, school, and church. On Friday December 2, Ryan, their six year old son was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He was hit by a flying basketball at the Apple Valley Christian School game. If it wasn’t for that ball, he wouldn’t have been diagnosed so soon. Even with the early discovery, the tumor had grown to the same size as his kidney. He had to have a surgery to remove his entire kidney. He will also be undergoing chemotherapy treatments that will require him to be in the hospital. The Moore’s have and will have numerous expenses including, but not limited to: perscriptions, insurance deductibles, commuting money (hospital is an hour from home). They are a one income family and will be devestated by this diagnosis if not for our generous support. Please pray for them and generously give to their family.

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