My daughter and I lost our home in 2015. After moving from place to place for almost a year, I decided to take what money I had saved and move to Nashville from Atlanta. We were here for a couple months before I ran out of money after not being able to find were forced to move into the women’s shelter because we had other place to go. The next week I was diagnosed wig breast cancer and within 5 weeks I began chemo treatment for stage 3a breast cancer. We were approved to move into a more private shelter after I started chemo so we would have our own room and I could recover in private. Not having a job before my diagnosis created the inability to get a steady income because I was so sick during my 18 weeks of chemo. I lost 40 pounds. Dec 7th was last hard core chemo treatment. I got a job driving for uber, and uber helped me get a car. I had double mastectomy Jan16. I begin radiation next week. I have neuropathy extremely bad in my feet and many days I feel like I cannot even stand up. However, my daughter and I both long to have our own home again. I have never been in a situation like this even without the cancer, so throwing cancer in the mix has just complicated things to an unimaginable level. I pray everyday I can feel no pain and I try so hard to push myself to work. It’s just not getting there. Thank you for considering adding my gofundme to tour directory.

Thank you so much for getting back with me. I truly appreciate the offer to feature our story. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I have attached the photos you requested. The one with you+me=hope is an older photo but one I love. The rest have been taken along this journey. My daughter is amazing beyond her years. She just started her first job in an effort to help us obtain housing quicker. She is a sales associate, however her heart lies with obtaining her license to do nail art. She has set up an instagram account where she currently has over 600 followers since November. Some people got together over Christmas and purchased some wish list items she wanted for this passion she has. She has been practicing this art since she was about 14. I am truly proud of how she has handled this situation. I couldn’t ask for a more caring child. She has had to grow up pretty fast over the last couple of years.

Thank you again so much for this opportunity. I am so anxious in restoring our lives to normal. Our new normal anyway. We have been so blessed by God during this journey and He continues to bless us. I hope that once we are able to come out of our economic hardship that I am able to reciprocate the love and generosity we have received to others in our situation.

Please let me know if there is anything else you need from me.

With much love and a humble heart,


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