Mason is a bright vibrant 2.5 year old, who had a rocky start to life when he and his twin were born at 29 weeks. He was diagnosed with a brain condition called PVL which doctors believed would cause him to be a vegtable type state his whole life. Boy has he blown them away they consider him to be a medical miracle. He talks, walks with a walker during therapy. One thing that couldnt be figured out was WHY Mason couldnt gain weight. Recently we traveled to ST Louis for a surgery that would cause Mason to be spasticity free! With this surgery they believe Mason would have the ability to learn to walk with out devices something most people take for granted every day. However, this surgery turned out to be a bitter sweet expierence. The surgery has been fantastic and completely changed his life for the better and quite possibly saved his life. During the surgery we learned that Mason had a tumor on his spine with orginated in his brain. After an MRI was done we learned Mason had a tumor in his hypothalamus and pressing on his optic nerve. This tumor is the cause of Masons inability to gain weight, it causes low appitiete. It has also caused another VERY rare condition called diencephalic syndrome what this does is cause a body to require LARGE amounts of calories to be burned in a day. When we came home from ST Louis we were admited to our local hospital to have a GJ tube placed and also to get a brain biopsy. A biopsy is all that can be done on this tumor because anything else can result in Mason being blind, or possibly not even waking up. The hypothalamus controls your sleep wake cycles, hunger, temp, mood ect. At this point Mason will have surgery Monday to get his port placed and to start chemo. The medical bills are quickly adding up, right before finding this all out Masons father became unemployeed so we are struggling to keep Masons cobra plan going to make sure he gets the best possible coverage he can. Anything helps even $5 and if you cant donate please share Mason’s story and keep in your prayers.

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