On April 14th of this year Amanda Tryon (now Lennon) married her sweetheart, Tom Lennon. Less than six weeks later they, their families, and their friends were shocked when she was diagnosed with diffuse mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma, a rare type of fast-growing cancer. A very large tumor had already fully compressed her left lung, part of her right lung, and was pushing hard against her heart and trachea. On May 26th, she was admitted into Emergency at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco, where she spent a week in Intensive Care, and is now undergoing five months of intense chemotherapy. To the great relief of all who love her, her prognosis is good, with the expectation that she will ultimately be cancer-free.

While this is good news, her current situation is difficult. Her illness is sapping her energy badly, severely inhibiting her ability to work. With her working hours limited, and with Tom having been away from his job to care for Amanda through the first three rounds of chemo, their income does not come close to covering the unexpected costs of medical bills and related expenses that cancer treatment entails. Although Amanda has medical insurance to cover part of the cost, they are still facing many thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket, uncovered, co-pay, and related medical and travel expenses, as well as critical loss of income while she’s unable to work.

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