Let me start by saying, I am humiliated for asking for this help. But some very hard times are upon my family and I am running out of options. So, here’s my story: October 2016, I was diagnosed with STAGE 3 Metastatic Melanoma Cancer. Underwent tumor removal and then complete lymph node dissection in November 2016. Started chemotherapy January 4,2017. After 3 doses of chemo, it turned on me and attacked my auto-immune system. The medication shut down my pituitary, thyroid and adrenal systems, caused encephalitis (swelling of the brain), landing me in the hospital in Pittsburgh for 10 days and out of work for an extended period of time. With permanent medication, I mostly recovered from this event and returned to work on May 1, 2017. Memorial weekend, I began having symptoms of dizziness and headache again, once I could not manage the symptoms at home anymore, I went to the ER to find out once again, the chemo was reeking havoc on my body. MRI revealed encephalitis and meningiomyolitis, resulting in injury to my spinal cord. I no longer had feeling below breast level, lost control of bodily functions and could no longer walk. Transported back to Pittsburgh. Underwent multiple medical treatments, including another chemotherapy to hopefully reverse the effects of the problem causing one. After a 10 day hospital stay, I was transferred to a rehab facility to learn to walk again. 8 day admission there. I am now walking with a walker and regained some bodily function, however, I still have alot of numbness and am unable to do alot of simple everyday things. I am continuing medical treatment and physical therapy for an unknown length of time. My medical condition has become a case study by my physician at UPMC, as this reaction has occurred in only 2 other people, What luck I have!..smh. I am unable to work and have run out or vacation and sick time, have no shirt term disability. My husband works, however, I provided the bulk of our income. I have filed Social Security Disability, but until a decision is reached, we need assistance. Any money will be used to pay bills, including utilities, mortgage, food, transportation back and forth to Pittsburgh etc. Any help will be appreciated, trying my hardest not to lose my home during this process. Family and friends who have already donated, I cannot Thank you enough.

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