Hello. My name is Donya Fraley. I share a small apartment with my 2 grown children. My daughter has a part time job and goes to school. My son is legally blind from Thygesons Syndrome. He relies upon my daughter and (UNTIL MY RECENT DIAGNOSIS & SURGERY) me.

Until May of this year I had a job at a local discount store. But, I have been out of work since Cancer was discovered on my right kidney and lung.

We have been scraping by for several years with my son sleeping on a sofa while my daughter and I share a room. Our only transportation, an old pickup truck, is in an awful state. Now, with very little income, we are close to being destitute and even homeless. I have gotten my first denial letter from Social Security on Aug 16, 2016. However, I now have a lawyer to do the appeal. Which, I should be approved due to the fact I have LUNG CANCER, I am disable and cannot work. I struggle with the fact everyday that this disease may take my life before I am approved. And whether I should go ahead with the treatment for my lung or should I let it be. I am having such financial difficulties and am so tired of this fight. PLEASE PRAY.

I humbly ask for any financial donations to get us through this unfortunate time. Thank you and may God bless you and your family with fresh blessings and good health.

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