Rock The Treatment Contest

Share your experience with someone who is ROCKING the TREATMENT!

Thousands of people will be empowered by your stories of
Strength, Courage and Perseverance.

  1. Click on this FaceBook link:
  2. Find the ROCK the TREATMENT contest right at the top and tell us your story of someone you know that is ROCKING the TREATMENT! Everyone is invited to participate. Friends, Family, Co-Workers and Cancer Warriors.
  3. Include #RockTheTreatment with your story.
  4. Using the comment section tell us your story. BE SURE TO “LIKE” IT YOURSELF!
  5. Invite friends, family and your FaceBook community to “like” your story. Encourage them to comment and share.
  6. On July 30, 2017  the person with the most “likes” will win a prize.
  7. In the event of a tie, Cancer Horizons and Rock the Treatment reserve the right to decide the winner.
  8. By sharing your story (and or images) for this contest, you grant Cancer Horizons and Rock the Treatment permission to share and use this material on their domains and or social media pages.
  9. Cancer Horizons and Rock the Treatment are not responsible for any mistakes, errors, malfunctions and or technical problems that may impact results.
Rock The Treatment Contest

We honor every man, woman or child that do extraordinary things while they are managing their own chemotherapy or radiation treatments. To help spread the word and celebrate courageous “Rockers” everywhere, we would love to hear your own unique story of triumph and perseverance or someone you know.

Post a long or short story of your journey, pics or videos. We would love to see them all! To enter, 1) Like our Page and 2) post your story in the comment section, like it yourself then share the post on your Facebook page and other social networks. The person with the most likes on their post wins. Include any visuals you would like. The more Likes you get on your story the more you’ll catch our attention. If you don’t want to share your story publicly, just send us a direct message using the submission form above and we will get you entered.

Legal Stuff:

We will share the stories on our website at By submitting content or posting on our Facebook page or to our website (regardless of the form, whether text, videos, photographs, audio or otherwise), you are giving Cancer Horizons the right to display or publish such content on our website, social networks or other planned publications (either in the form submitted or adapted and edited as needed).

There are no gender or residency restrictions to enter. Must be 18 or older. If under 18, you must have a parent or guardian submit your story. This promotion does not have a connection with Facebook in any way and is not sponsored, supported, or organized by Facebook. The recipient of the information provided by you is not Facebook, but Cancer Horizons.

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