Cancer Horizons has listened to the 1000’s of people that have requested help in promoting their own personal “Medical Crowdfunding Account”. We have created what will become one of the largest directories of GoFundMe, GiveForward, FundRazr, YouCaring. HealthLine, or other crowdfunding accounts exclusively for Cancer patients on the Internet. We don’t get involved in any of the transactions or charge for this service in any way. Our intent is to simply provide another platform for anyone trying to raise desperately needed funds, to expose their situation to a MUCH LARGER AUDIENCE than their own circle of family and friends.  Submit your medical crowdfunding account NOW.

Consider the following facts about medical debt and medical crowdfunding:

  • It is estimated that charitable giving in the United States has grown annually to over $350 Billion.
  • The “Crowdfunding or Sharing Economy” is expected to grow from $15 Billion in 2015 to over $300 Billion by 2035.
  • The annual out-of-pocket medical costs in the United States have risen to over $400 Billion or over $1,200 per person
  • With health insurance premiums sky-rocketing, most people have very high deductibles making the reality of any cancer diagnosis potentially devastating financial event
  • More than 50% of all bankruptcy filings are tied to health care expenses according to the American Journal of Medicine

Crowdfunding is all about exposure and sharing. The objective is to get your story and donation request in front of as many people as possible. One estimate detailed that each time your story is shared, that is worth approximately $37.00 to your total funding objective.

What makes the Cancer Horizon Opportunity so compelling?

  • Well it’s FREE to start with
  • We have close to 30,000 followers on social networks that translate into significant traffic to our website and increased opportunity to get your situation in front of some very caring people
  • We routinely have contests that will include direct funding prizes to our members accounts to help out in a real and tangible way
  • We work with very large businesses daily, these corporations and associations will be encouraged to browse our large directory of crowdfunding accounts and contribute generously to those truly in need today
  • We include the State that the patient lives in since often times potential donors prefer to help their neighbors in communities around them and the level of assistance increases

If you are a cancer patient and have medical expenses are piling up. Then perhaps a crowdfunding account is a solution to consider. Check out these great providers of crowdfunding accounts (

If you already have a crowdfunding account then list it on the Cancer Horizons site for Free (


We have some very sophisticated confirmation tools and if you submit an account and are found to be a fraud, we will shine a light on you that will become very uncomfortable and your reprehensible efforts to defraud others. Shame on you for attempting to take advantage of the goodness of others and taking desperately needed funds away from those that actually have cancer and fight every day for the luxury of living one more and enjoying all this life has to offer. Enough said about this.

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