Most of the latest cancer drugs include the use of checkpoint inhibitors. This has turned into a multi-billion dollar insyrtry and the results so far are impressive

Every journey with cancer is different and no two are alike. What works for one may not work for another. The debate on which treatment is most effective is pointless since all are different. Great look at the never ending debate.

We are now starting to get news from ASCO conference in Chicago. New and improved drug are showing incredible promise for Lung, Prostate and breast cancer. We applaud these great pharmaceuticals working so hard to find a cure and in the meantime improve life

MERCK KEYTRUDA, THIS IS BIG NEWS! FDA anonounces for the first time an approval of a CANCER drug that targets genetic biomarkers anywhere in the body, verses a specific body part or area of the body.

The face of cancer drugs has changed dramatically over the years. Nearly all of the top pharmaceutical companies are currently manufacturing oncology specific drugs or have high hopes with cancer-related drugs in their pipeline. Here is a list that is always changing but these are the top-grossing drugs...

Congratulations to Merck for the success of their Keytruda drug. Sales reflect the hope and success many are having with this immunotherapy medicine. Ever since former President Jimmy Carter announced he was "Cancer Free" at age 91, Keytruda has been referred to as the Presidents cancer drug. GREAT to...

Congratulations to Novartis on the success of Gleevec in treating chronic mylegenous leukemia (CML). 83% of people using it daily living on average an additional 10-years plus is the dream of every cancer patient.

Investors lose billions as immunotherapies fall short of high expectations When Cary Parton pulled a back muscle playing golf four years ago, he hardly gave it a second thought. But after several fruitless trips to a chiropractor.

Vice President Biden, who led the Obama administration's "cancer moonshot" initiative, will create a nonprofit organization to grapple with a broad range of cancer issues, including the high cost of cancer drugs.

Genentech takes on BMS, Merck with positive I/O lung cancer PhIII data - Roche’s Genentech ($RHHBY) has rolled out positive Phase III data for its cornerstone immunotherapy treatment Tecentriq in second-line non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)