A new treatment option based upon the work of researchers who have uncovered the genetic reasons for almost 90% of tumors associated with prostate cancer; 9 out of 10 late stage prostate cancer cases can be traced back to changes in that patients DNA.

A newly released study published in JAMA suggests that hormone blocking drugs frequently used as part of the treatment for prostate cancer may in fact increase a patient’s chance for developing dementia.

Thousands of men suffering from advanced prostate cancer have been offered new hope of a cure after scientists discovered the genetic cause behind 90 per cent of tumours. Nine out of 10 cases of late stage prostate cancer can now be linked to changes…

A vasectomy is a surgical method of birth control, where the tubules leading out of the testicles are cut so ejaculation of sperm cannot take place, as the sperm can no longer leave the testicles.

Prostate Cancer & Prostatic Diseases has published a report linking a diet of saturated fat via meat and dairy products being a contributor to developing aggressive prostate cancer.

Researchers from the University of York have received a £536,000 grant to help determine which treatments will work best for individual prostate cancer patients.

Piedmont Healthcare Urologist J. Maxwell White, Jr., M.D, diagnosed Ward using new technology called UroNav, which combines MRI and ultrasound to flag suspicious lesions earlier than ever before.

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. - In recognition of prostate cancer awareness month in September, DuPage Medical Group, the largest independent

Men in Wales newly diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer will now be offered earlier access to a vital form of chemotherapy, it has been revealed.Prostate Cancer UK has confirmed that docetaxel chemotherapy will now be made available sooner alongside hormone therapy to eligible patients.