Novartis AG said its cancer drug, Zykadia, was twice as effective as chemotherapy in slowing the progression of a rare form of lung cancer in a late-stage study.

Results of two large scale studies were released by Merck at EMSO (European Society for Medical Oncology) showing Keytruda, an immunotherapy drug used in treating advanced melanoma, has great potential for treating lung cancer as well.

Results of a study published in the British Journal of Cancer state that researchers have discovered a unique drug combination which can slow the growth of non-small cell lung cancer in a “controlled” laboratory setting.

It has been said pathology is subjective, and it is well know that pathologist can differ wildly when analyzing the same tissue samples. Now, it would seem that based on a new study that computers can assess slides of lung cancer tissue with greater accuracy than scientists.

Research coming out of the Gunderson Health System in Wisconsin and published in CHEST claim that a blood test given immediately following diagnosis can help doctors quickly determine an individual’s course of treatment.