Stage 4 Cancer

Stage 4 Cancer

Stage 4 Cancer – is cancer that has begun the process of spreading to other organs of the body or “metastasized” and traveling away from the original diagnosis location. This is by far the most serious cancer condition as now it can potentially become life-threatening as the disease is spreading and difficult to contain. As cancer spreads to other vital organs the diagnosis becomes difficult, not hopeless but difficult.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Symptoms – An indication that breast cancer has changed could be any of the following depending on where the cancerous cells have migrated and which organs are impacted including: constant, bone, back or joint pain, chest pain, winded easily and shortness of breath, no appetite, abdominal tenderness, pain or bloating, continual dry cough, numbness occurring anywhere in the body, seizures, loss of equilibrium and balance, severe headaches and many others.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate – Remember that although a metastatic diagnosis is received the situation is not hopeless; many women continue to live long lives and remain active. It is certainly not business as usual but they continue on in courage and great faith. New discoveries are made every day and one just might have the answer to reverse the devastating process that has begun.

MBC – is short for Metastatic Breast Cancer and is often used to indicate a stage 4 metastatic condition. When cancer moves from the breast to any other part of the body it is referred to as having metastasized, Cancer in the breast is for the most part manageable through treatment or a mastectomy but when it moves te treatment regiment changes dramatically.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Ribbon – Because pink doesn’t represent this type of advanced adequately the awareness ribbon is pink, green, and teal to symbolize triumph and hope.

Cancer Treatment – There are over 500,000 people diagnosed each year with some form of cancer, each diagnosis comes with it a unique treatment program to assist in improving the quality of life for the patient and helping the family cope with the changes that are inevitable. One’s overall health both mental and physical with any advanced-stage cancer diagnosis.

Stage 4 Bone Cancer

Stage 4 Bone Cancer

When we talk about stage 4 cancers, a lot of the time we hear about the disease spreading to the bones. It is important for us to understand that this is very different from cancer that originates in the bone.

Sick woman and her daughter - Stage 4 Lymphoma

Stage 4 Lymphoma

Lymphoma is a scary word. Most of us know that our lymph nodes have something to do with our immune system, but beyond that, it’s a pretty gray area. With lymphomas and leukemias, however, its harder for us to pinpoint the where, and even the why.

Young adult female cancer patient with her daughter

Stage 4 Kidney Cancer

The current treatment method for stage 4 kidney cancer is surgical intervention, if possible, embolization and radiation treatment. I say “if possible” because surgery

Stage 4 Cervical Cancer

The symptoms of stage 4 cervical cancer can be difficult to differentiate from other diseases, so if you experience these symptoms, please see your gynecologist soon.

Stage 4 Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is another one of those types of cancer that can be silent in its early stages – which is why routine screening according to your physician’s recommendations are so vital.

Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer

The most common symptoms of thyroid cancer are typically painless swelling in the front of the neck, below the Adam’s apple and difficulty swallowing.