Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer – The prostate gland is located below the bladder and produces a fluid found in semen as well as plays a unique role in controlling urination for men. The American Cancer Society estimates there will be over 160,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer in the United States. If found early this type of cancer is treatable and the mortality rate is relatively low.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms – in the early stages of prostate cancer there are very few clues that anything is wrong due to lack of outward symptoms. These, however, may be symptoms that could and should motivate a man to be checked: it becomes increasingly difficult to urinate and maintaining a steady stream, urination or peeing becomes painful, frequent need to urinate or a feeling that you do even at night; there are also some sexual function indicators.

Treatment – There are numerous options to treat a diagnosed cancer of the prostate gland including Radical prostatectomy which surgically removes the prostate gland which requires a lengthy hospital stay and potentially a 3-month recovery, brachytherapy which involves radioactive seeds implanted directly into the prostate to initiate a targeted treatment of radiation, in the early stages regular PSA blood levels are measured, Conformal radiation therapy and intensity-modulated radiation therapy are also 2 additional treatment options.

Ribbon – The awareness ribbon for prostate cancer is light blue.

Cancer Horizons is always concerned about all men in our community that has been diagnosed with this form of cancer and struggling through any of the above-mentioned treatment options. We will continue to bring you the latest breakthrough treatments or drugs as well as an innovation that could positively impact current and future prostate cancer patients.

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