The researchers say each man's cancer is different Credit: Reuters

Researchers from the University of York have received a £536,000 grant to help determine which treatments will work best for individual prostate cancer patients.

The grant, awarded by Prostate Cancer UK, will be used to identify not only which drugs work best for each patient but also which drugs work best for the individual cells within each patient.

Professor Norman Maitland, who is leading the research, believes some drug-resistant cells are present from the onset of the disease and are responsible for the cancer progressing even after an initial response to treatment.

Just like no two men are the same, every man’s cancer is individual to him and every man responds to treatment differently.

Through this work, we want to be able to predict which treatments will be most effective for an individual by studying a sample of their cancer cells in the lab.

In three years of time we want to be in a position to develop a protocol to inform clinicians about the treatment strategy that is most likely to work best for their patients.


Prostate cancer kills more than 1,000 men in Yorkshire every year.

For more information on how to spot the signs of prostate cancer, click here.

Through shifting the science over the next decade, we want to transform prostate cancer into a disease that the next generation of men will not fear.


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