ATLANTA – Routine visits to the doctor paid off for William Ward, 79, with an early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

“I do have a small growth,” Ward told 11Alive’s Jennifer Leslie. “I’m told it’s nothing to be alarmed about. But with cancer, you’re alarmed anyway.”

William Ward was one of the first Piedmont Atlanta Hospital patients diagnosed with prostate cancer using UroNav. (Photo: 11Alive News)

Piedmont Healthcare Urologist J. Maxwell White, Jr., M.D, diagnosed Ward using new technology called UroNav, which combines MRI and ultrasound to flag suspicious lesions earlier than ever before.

Like GPS for the prostate, it’s more accurate and less invasive.

“We get by with fewer biopsies because we can focus on areas that are likely to be high-grade tumors, threatening tumors, as opposed to those that might not be a threat to quality of life down the road,” Dr. White added.

Dr. Maxwell White demonstrates UroNav, a new tool in the fight against prostate cancer. (Photo: 11Alive News)

Stephen Kane paid for the new system with a six-figure donation to Piedmont Atlanta Hospital.

As a business leader and philanthropist, he sees the impact.

“This makes a big difference,” Kane said. “We’re capable of of doing things that we couldn’t previously do, and that’s very rewarding.”

Despite the fact that Ward has an aggressive form of cancer, Dr. White said his prognosis is excellent.

Ward encourages other men to make doctor’s visits routine, as well.

“It could possibly save your life,” Ward said. “I know it saved mine.”

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