Kathy Griffin Gives Lung Cancer Update

Kahty Griffin
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In early August, actress and comedian Kathy Griffin announced that she received a diagnosis of stage 1 lung cancer.

The Emmy Award-winner, aged 60, has since undergone surgery to remove part of her left lung and provided a video update on Twitter.

“So I had half my lung removed because I had lung cancer,” she said. “My voice hasn’t come back yet, as you can tell. It’s been a month.”

With a hoarse voice, Griffin said that she will receive a collagen shot in her vocal cords because one is paralyzed. Her recovery is going slower than she expected it to, but the comedian maintained her sense of humor about it.

“I love when they’re like ‘No, normally people are up and ballroom dancing by now, but you know, there’s always that 3% that take longer. I guess you’re that lower 3%,’ which could be my new D-list show: Kathy Griffin, the lower percentile,” she said.

When she first announced her diagnosis on Aug. 2, Griffin had a more serious tone, urging people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and to keep regular doctors’ appointments.

“Of course I am fully vaccinated for COVID. The consequences for being unvaccinated would have been even more serious. Please stay up to date on your medical checkups. It’ll save your life,” she said in a tweet.

Before receiving her own diagnosis, Griffin’s sister, Joyce, was diagnosed with cancer. In the summer of 2017, Kathy shaved her head in solidarity with her sister, who was undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the time. That September, Joyce died, leading to Kathy asking for donations to the American Cancer Society.

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