For those who have been diagnosed with Kidney cancer, it is an extremely difficult time not only for the patient but for their loved ones. Coming to terms with having a disease such as cancer is challenging both physically and emotionally. In addition to…

Don't let anyone tell you that a cancer diagnosis is taken well by everyone, it can be hell on relationships

A decision has been made for a mastectomy, The reality of the loss of breasts, however, and the witness of what remains can be more than some women can handle. Why not do it all at once!

Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) or cancer that returns and begins to impact other organs like the brain, lungs, bones or liver is classified as stage IV and considered incurable. Researchers say otherwise, however. Check it out

Durvalumab (Trademark Imfinzi) Bladder cancer is the 9th most common type of cancer in the world with 430,000 new cases alone diagnosed in 2012 according to World Cancer Research Fund International. Previously patients with bladder cancer, urothelial carcinoma, (UC) had two main options: standard platinum containing chemotherapy, and…

Any parent that is responsible to care for a child with cancer is faced with a heart wrenching and desperate journey, to care for and provide for this special child.

Jake Teitelbaum is clear from Hodgkin’s lymphoma and in his final year at Wake Forest Jake Teitelbaum had just finished his junior year when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system. While he tried to continue his studies…

Tom Hanks shows how to care for a cancer patient. Rita Wilson tells their story of a breast cancer diagnosis and the extraordinary provided by Tom every step of the way.

Chuck Norris proves once again he is always on the side of good. He recently surprised a man in Sandy, Utah with Down syndrome and a recent stage 4 diagnosis of gastrointestinal cancer. Cheuck and Gena Norris stayed for a 30-minute visit laughing.

Google, which not along ago was using artificial intelligence to identify cat pictures, has moved onto something bigger - breast cancer.