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The Law Office of Brian D. Kelm is a family-owned law firm that has been providing reliable legal services since 1987. Our practice areas include workers’ compensation, personal injury, Social Security Disability, third-party claims, and multi-simultaneous benefits.

At Law Office of Brian D. Kelm, my approach to your legal matters is to develop creative solutions that provide you with the needed compensation while addressing your concerns.

Brian D. Kelm is a dedicated lawyer who has been helping people with their compensation claims and lawsuits since 1987. My practice areas include workers’ compensation claims, personal injury claims, multiple-benefit cases, third party claims, and social security disability benefit cases. Brian is a member of Utah Association for Justice, a member of Governor’s Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council, a member of NOSSCR – National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives, and a member of Utah State Bar Association.

Personal Injury

A personal injury case is a situation where a person has been injured due to the negligence or carelessness of somebody else. Such situations also include medical malpractice, auto accident, slip and fall injury, or product liability.

Rely on the Law Office of Brian D. Kelm for expert legal services for your personal injury case. Our qualified attorney will thoroughly study and examine your case and suggest the best possible legal course of action. Each case has its own set of circumstances and demands careful attention to the minute details so that there are no loopholes in the defense.

At the Law Office of Brian D. Kelm, we have settled hundreds of personal injury cases. Brian Kelm has been practicing law for over 25 years and he can efficiently assist and guide you with your personal injury case right from the filing of the claim to the final settlement.

Third Party Claims

A “third party” claim involves collecting both workers’ compensation benefits and personal injury benefits (or any other sort of “liability” insurance coverage) from one accident. The simplest explanation of a “third party” claim is one that occurs due to the negligence of someone other than your employer/co-employees.

If you are a delivery driver for Don’s Delivery and another person runs a red light and smashes into you, causing serious bodily injury, you have a potential “third party” claim. You would receive workers’ compensation benefits from the work comp carrier for Don’s Delivery, and you could also make a claim for those same injuries against the liability insurance company for the driver who hit you. In addition to the medical bills and lost wages incurred, you could then also make a claim for “general damages” (loss of enjoyment of life, the inconvenience the accident has caused you, pain and suffering, etc.) which are not otherwise recoverable when it’s solely a work comp injury.

If you are a construction worker on a large job site for Sheila’s Sheetmetal and one of your co-workers from above drops a blow torch on your head, you would NOT have a third party claim – just a straightforward work comp claim. If that blow torch were dropped by an employee of Sloppy Joe’s Ironworks, however, you would then most likely have a third party claim against Joe’s liability insurance carrier, as well as, of course, Sheila’s work comp carrier.

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