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Immune System

When you are diagnosed with cancer, your immune system can be compromised. Maintaining optimal health is important during treatments. Why does cancer break down the immune system. Your body is fighting the bad cells, decreasing the ability to fight off everyday germs that bring on a common cold.

Chemo can also increase your risk of infection or weaken your immune system. It can cause a drop in the number of white blood cells produced in the bone marrow. These cells are the ones that fight off illness and infection caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites.

When you immune system is strong, it can actually help you fight cancer. Your team of physicians and nurses can help you better understand your cancer and your immune health and may offer some solutions to help you maintain a great level of health.

Many cancer patients try supplements, vitamins, and topical treatments to help maintain a “feeling good” with version of themselves, while protecting their body’s ability to fight off yucky bugs.

Some studies have shown weakened immune response months to years prior to cancer symptoms, making a bigger case to support immune health. In addition, other studies are being done to rally the body’s immune system to fight cancer on its own. Harnessing the immune system to fight cancer, long a medical dream is becoming a reality.

Our immune system is very powerful. Taking care of it is a priority, especially when the diagnosis is cancer.

New drugs are being discovered to help enhance the immune system and help fight cancer, and many patients swear by immune boosting over the counter products. Everybody is different, and every cancer is different. It is always a good idea to involve your medical team in the decision making process of what you should do to boost your system.

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