Hair Products

Hair Products

Hair products for cancer patients help you manage “Life changes” when you start losing your hair as a side effect of cancer treatments. It can be a hard reality to accept. You never think about how important your hair may be to you, until you face losing it. Losing the hair is one of the most feared side effects after being diagnosed with cancer.

Not everyone faces hair loss, however for those that do, the Cancer Horizons community should have access to the products that can enhance their health and influence a healthy self image. It is not easy, yet embracing reality can actually help.

Hair typically starts falling out two to four weeks after you begin chemotherapy treatment. Chemo can cause hair loss all over your body, including eyelashes, eyebrows, armpit, pubic and other areas of your body. Your scalp may not be the only place you will have hair loss.

Your experience may not be the same as another. Different treatments and dosages will produce different results for everyone. Some may only experience thinning of the hair, while others may lose everything.

Preparing for hair loss is a reality, and supporting a patient who is experiencing this can be a huge emotional foundation. From wigs to wraps, and vitamins to shampoo and conditioner, products to help you feel comfortable and beautiful are what we are Cancer Horizons strive to find.

This experience is not something anyone likes to talk about, yet it needs solutions, thought, and tender loving care. Many recommend soft cotton and bamboo headwear, as well as options that can strengthen your locks or minimize hair loss. It’s important to us that you find hair loss products that will help you embrace this moment in time.

Whether you want to thicken your hair or find something to cover your head, discover products recommended by cancer patients.

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